Reebok East Woodbridge – “Best of the Best” and “2 Bars 1 Snatch” Crossfit Competitions

COMP WOD – “Best of the Best” and “2 Bars 1 Snatch”

November 10/11 Reebok Crossfit East Woodbridge hosted 2 crossfit competitions.

“Best of the Best” was on Nov 10 and was an invitational crossfit competition. As the name implies we were able to see the best of the best in the sport compete in a greuling day long competition.

“2 Bars 1 Snatch” was a team crossfit event. Teams consisted of 2 men and 1 woman. All teams competed in seeding workouts. The results of these workout put teams into elite, A and B divisions. Teams then competed in a series of workouts againgst other teams in their division. There were teams represented from all over Ontario and Quebec.

Inner Strength PHYSIOTHERAPY had the great opportunity to work at both events providing first aid treatment, as well as manual therapy, ART – active release techniques and stretching for athletes.

It was a great day and some amazing acomplishments for everyone who participated.