About Inner Strength

At Inner Strength PHYSIOTHERAPY we provide effective, efficient and individualised rehabilitation. This approach will get you back doing the things you enjoy quickly and safely. Whether you like to walk the dog, have a physical job, play competitive hockey, are training for your first marathon or your first ironman, at Inner Strength PHYSIOTHERAPY we will assess and rehabilitate your injury based on the specific demands placed on your body through the activities you do on a regular basis.

Our expertise in manual therapy allows us to provide in depth and accurate assessments that look at the body as a whole. This approach along with our one on one treatment time will ensure we are able to get to the root cause of any chronic pains and ensure all contributing factors are addressed to prevent a reoccurrence of symptoms.

Mission Statement – We will provide the most effective, efficient and individualised treatment approaches to ensure you achieve your maximum potential, as well as rehabilitate and prevent injuries encountered in your daily activities.