Lisa Regan has passed her FCAMPT exam!!! Congratulations!!!!

Inner Strength PHYSIOTHERAPY is very happy to announce that Lisa Regan – Physiotherapist and Athletic Therapist passed her “Part B” or “Advanced Manual and Manipulative Therapy” exam.

What does this mean you may ask. The process to get pass this exam takes years of post graduate courses where physiotherpists learn advanced manual therapy skills, as well as manipulations for peripheral joints and the spine. The process has 5 levels each which include course work and one or more written exam. At the half way mark physiotherapists have to complete the “Part A” or “Intermediate Manual and Manipulative Therapy” exam. Candidates also have to obtain mentorship hours under a physiotherapist who has completed the process in order to be eligible to attempt the final exam.

The final advanced exam consists of a 3 hour mutliple choice, 3 hour case history and a 2 hour practical exam.

This has been a very long but rewarding process. The skills learned will help to provide patients with the most effective, efficient, individualised, research based, and reliable treatments to get them better safer and faster. Inner Strength PHYSIOTHERAPY focuses on INDIVIDUALISED appointments and EFFECTIVE, RESEARCH BASED, HANDS ON techniques. This extra credential is also a way for other health care profressionals to recognise the advance training that Lisa has obtained.

Congratulations Lisa Regan on the new designation FCAMPT

FCAMPT is an internationally recognised designation. For more information check their website.

IFOMPT provides world-wide promotion of excellence and unity in clinical and academic standards for manual/musculoskeletal physiotherapists.