This article is coming just over the half way through of the Crossfit Open and I am sure some of your are starting to get a bit sore.

Now that your body is getting tired from 13.1-13.3 workouts you need to make sure you not only keep enough fuel in the tank for 13.4 and 13.5, but you also stay injury free in the process.

Here are some key points to remember going into the final 2 weeks of the open.

1. Take Rest Days – Dont try to do the work out on back to back days to better your score. You are likely to end up with a lower score on the second day, as well as open your self up to the possiblity of injury. Your body needs time to rebuild and recover after intense workouts. This is gives us the capacity to get stronger, as well as prepare for the next workout. If you are going to be re-doing the open work out give your self a rest day in between.

2. Make sure Rest Days are ACTUALY Rest Days. If you are resting in between open workouts do not subsititute for another high weight/high intesity WOD. Instead still go to the gym but lower the weights and intensity. DO NOT go for PR on this day!!!! You are better off to lower the weight and focus more on technique and increase reps for the day.

3. Add in some light cardio on your rest day. Light aerbic exercise is good to help flush lactic acid and improve muscle recovery. After an open workout it is good to get on the rower, on a spin bike or into the pool for a light aerobic session.

4. Nutrition – Make sure you are getting the proper nutrition and hydration before/during and after you workouts. This will not only help performance but also your recovery and future performances. If you are not sure what to be eating talk to a nutritionist who works with athletes (I have a few names if you need them). There are also some natural anti-inflamatories like traumeel that can be used to provide the body with a systemic anti-inflamatory that will promote recover.

5. Sleep – Just like nutrition, getting enough sleep not only affects your performance but how well you are recover post workout. Try to get 8 hours a night whenever possible.

6. Stretching and Foam Rolling – If you have areas of tightness or soreness make sure you are stretching after you work out and doing lots of foam rolling. This will help break up scar tissue, promote recover and improve mobility.

7. WARM UP!!! The open workouts are intense. Make sure you are doing a proper dynamic warm up first. Most crossfit gyms have a sample warm up posted on the wall, but if you are not sure what to do ASK!

8. Get Physiotherapy/Massage Therapy – soft tisue techniques like massage and ART are designed to increase blood flow to soft tissue and break up scar tissue. Soft tissue work after a heavy workout/training session will help promote recovery and remove lactic acid build up. Physiotherapy can also help to address any areas of joint restrictions or muscle imbalances.

9. Taping/Bracing – If you have areas of pain or stiffness talk to a physiotherapist and see if any bracing or taping may help. There are a lot of braces and tapes on the market that will help to decrease muscle tension where needed, provide joint stability or increase muscle recruitment. Some examples are Rock Tape or DonJoy Braces.

GOOD LUCK to tveryone competing in your last attempts at 13.3, as well as 13.4 and 13.5! If you have any questions or want to book an appointment feel free to contact me! 647-294-7173, Or use the link to book online!